The UNS SACCO is our Savings and Credit Co-operative Society. Its legal framework is set up under the Co-operative Societies Act, the Co-operative Societies Regulations and the Bylaws. It is owned, governed and managed by its members who have a mutual bond as members of the United Nations Staff Sacco (UNS SACCO).The SACCO started in November 2009 to address the challenges faced by the UN staff in accessing affordable and manageable credit facilities.

If you are a UN employee and Ugandan national, you qualify to be a member of the UNS SACCO. Your spouse and children are also eligible members of the UNS SACCO.

Fill in a membership application form that can be collected from the SACCO office, or a SACCO focal point in the various Agencies, or can also be downloaded from the website. Attach a recent passport size photo, a copy of UN ID (or valid ID for dependents). Once the form is filled it is passed on to the SACCO’s office or presented to the Focal point or scanned and sent to the SACCO by the member with the relevant attachments.

The membership fee is a one-time payment of Ugx 50,000/=. Members are required to contribute a minimum amount of Ugx 500,000 as share capital for 50 shares.

  • Earning of dividends (from surplus approved by the AGM) are paid on shares bought by members within the year.
  • Access to affordable credit services after three months of saving.
  • Interest is also paid to a members based on the deposits held with the SACCO. The interest is determined after the quarterly profits are declared. There is no specific figure of the interest to be earned within the quarter. Deposits are normally contributed through the Agency payroll, mobile money or by direct deposit to the SACCO bank accounts.

Yes, by filling in a change in contribution form and submitting it to the office or send to general email or scan and send to the SACCO. The form can be downloaded from the Website.

A member can exit from the SACCO by writing to the Chairperson. Then the office will confirm if there are any amounts due to the member or whether the member owes the SACCO. If a member owes the SACCO (when the loan exceeds the deposits) then the member agrees with the office on how the balance can be paid. If the SACCO owes the member (deposits exceed loan) then the SACCO organizes for the refund. If an existing member has guaranteed an existing member a replacement has to be identified by the borrower before the member can be cleared.

Yes, an expression of interest is submitted to the SACCO and after fulfilling all the membership requirements, the account can be opened again. This is to encourage long-term membership.

Yes, as long as all the monthly contributions (deposits and loan repayments where relevant) are made on time. Membership of UNS SACCO is for life.

  • Attend general meetings, vote and be heard in those meetings,
  • Elect the committee, share in the society’s surplus and inspect the books of accounts and apply for a loan subject to the SACCO’s rules,
  • Appoint nominees, transfer deposits in the society with the approval of the committee,
  • Withdraw from being a member of the SACCO,
  • Approve, reject or defer the budget, participate in the amendment of the society’s bylaws,
  • Fix the maximum borrowing powers of the SACCO and the honoraria for committee members, if any,
  • Enjoy all the services provided by the SACCO.

Among others the following:

    • Meeting your loan obligations on time as per loan agreement.
    • Attend the members’ training in order to learn about the SACCO and its activities.
    • Be loyal to the SACCO and adhere to SACCO bylaws.
    • Participate in the activities of the co-operative society, such as attending meetings.
    • Encourage potential members to join the SACCO.
    • Not be members of more than one SACCO with the same or similar objectives.
    • Serve the SACCO with honesty and dedication when elected into the committee.

Member is advised to visit the website and access savings withdrawal form, download, print, fill, sign and scan with a copy of your valid ID. Send your request through the general email so that your served.

Please follow the steps in order to access the statement online

  • Visit the SACCO website on
  • Then click on services, you will have a drop down and click on e-SACCO
  • You will get a login menu where you will put your Sacco number as the username and that same number as the password.
  • The system will prompt you to change the password.
  • If you have ever logged on to the system, use the password you created on your first log onto the system and if you forgot the password, apply for password reset by clicking Forgot password
  • By doing this you will be able to access you statement.
  • For any assistance please call