Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is located at Nanziga which is 17.5 KM from Busega off Masaka Road (branch off at Maya Trading Center on the left).

Yes, site visitation was done by both Governance representatives and Management. The land search was also done and it was confirmed that the land was in the seller’s names.

Complete the land application form and make payment.

  • Contact the SACCO Management for more details on the visit. A member may use private means or joint transport is organized through the SACCO depending on the numbers.

When the SACCO remits 30% required by 31st December 2020, the sub-division exercise will commence.

Yes, instalments are allowed, and minimum percentage is 30%

It will depend on the demand for a particular type but tentatively it is 50% on each side. The choice of the structure is made by the buyer on the land application form.

Plot allocation will be based on full payment (the first buyers to complete full payment will be allocated their Plots first in the order in which the payments were made).

The place has already been designed i.e. an area for bungalows and another area for storeyed structures, the buyer is free to choose). As you enter the UNS SACCO Village, the righthand side (upper side) is planned for storeyed while the left handside is for bungalows. Yes, if they are both of the same type but if they are of different types, then one may choose from the bungalow and storeyed area separately.

There are three payment modalities

  1. Cash deposits to the SACCO Bank A/c 6005290145 Absa Bank Hannington Branch (Proof to be sent to SACCO)
  2. Loan from the SACCO
  3. Savings from the SACCO.

All payments to the seller are in Uganda Shillings and therefore all payments from the buyer should be in Uganda Shillings.

All payments should be completed by 30th June 2021.

Development can commence as soon as you have fully paid and your Plot has been allocated to you.