Green Homes Estate

As we move closer to the end of this project, we still have
60 plots available for members who wish to purchase

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Kasanje Update

Electricity was fully extended to the Kasanje satellite village, HASO Engineering company is handling the project.

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CHAIRPERSON: Dr. Mugagga Kaggwa
VICE CHAIRPERSON: Mrs.Emorut Erongot Ajalo Judi
TREASURER: Mrs.Katongole Sarah Kasozi
COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Ms. Eyoru Rose ,Ms.Letasi Dorcas Avinyia, Mr.Paul Daniel Kawanguzi, Ms.Nabiryo Kakeeto Prossy
Mr.Omodo Mcmondo Daniel, Dr.Tenywa Emmanuel Kayiira Kizito
SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE: Ms. Atuhaire Jenesta, Mr.Mbogha Ngelese Johnson, Mr.Womasali Bernard
VETTING COMMITTEE: Mr. Wokorach Patrick, Ms.Dorah Bushuyu Agaba, Mr.Charles Ibaale

Who we are

We are the UNITED NATIONS STAFF COOPERATIVE  SAVINGS AND CREDIT SOCIETY LIMITED (UNS-SACCO), registered under the Uganda laws governing SACCOs to serve the UN Employees of Uganda to address the challenges they face in accessing affordable and manageable credit facilities.

Safe & Secure

We provide legally-authorized and economically-feasible financial services demanded by members.

Professional Management

We professionally manage the SACCO to ensure operational and financial sustainability.

Savings and Credit Services

We offer members savings and credit services and other financial products as  may be required by members.

Development Projects

We facilitate members to set up development and/or investment projects.

Our Location

Plot 89, AGA House 2nd Floor,  Mawanda Road
P. O. Box 21412, Kampala -Uganda

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Tel: 0414 258 935/0414 258 931

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Organisation Overview

The UNS SACCO is a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society. Its legal framework is set up under the Co-operative Societies Act, the Co-operative Societies Regulations and the Bylaws. It is owned, governed and managed by its members who have a mutual bond as members of the United Nations Staff Sacco.

Our History

The SACCO started in November 2009 to address the challenges faced by the UN staff in accessing affordable and manageable credit facilities.


During the monthly operations Management Team (OMT) Meeting in April 2007, the OMT recognized the problems facing local staff in accessing loans from banks. OMT established an Ad-Hoc committee to explore the possibility of coming up with feasible solution.


UNS-SACCO Uganda was registered in Uganda 10/08/2009 under the Cooperative act to serve UN staff and their families. A launch was made on 08/10/2009 at hotel African in a color full ceremony where by all the UN agencies were fully represented.

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Our Leadership

Our leadership is composed of four sections, namely; Board of directors, Supervisory committee, Vetting committee, and Staff members.

The board of directors consists of 9 members and the Supervisory committee consists of 3 members.

The Vetting committee comprises of 3 members whereas the Staff members (management) are 6.

Our Vision

A leading SACCO promoting member prosperity for generations.

Our Mission

To mobilize resources and provide affordable financial services to members.

With UNS-SACCO, we believe that your savings is your future!